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  • More Exciting News About Our Research Funding!

    Susan G. Komen Research Grants | TexasGreat news in the Lone Star State as breast cancer researchers will share $8.4 million in new research dollars from Komen to develop breakthrough drugs for common breast cancers, more effectively treat advanced forms of the disease, and improve breast cancer outcomes for Latinas!

    And we are proud to say that with this year’s grants slate, our research investment in Texas now totals $85 million since we were founded in 1982!

    The research grants augment more than $10 million in 2012 community health grants provided by Komen Affiliates in Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Waco, Plano, Tyler, Wichita Falls, Texarkana, El Paso, Amarillo and Lubbock. The community programs served hundreds of thousands of women, providing screenings, education, treatment assistance and financial and social support to Texans facing breast cancer.

    As always, none of this research or progress of the past 30 years would be possible without the generosity of our partners and donors in communities, and we are so grateful for those who understand and support this vital work for all people facing breast cancer.

    More detailed information on the Texas grants can be found within the full press release located here. For a complete list and description of our 2012 grants, including the new peer-reviewed Texas grants, is available here.*

    All grants and awards are contingent upon receipt of a fully executed agreement.
    *Web table only includes Komen peer-reviewed grants.

  • Komen Race for the Cure: from Kalamazoo to the Colosseum, Rome

    Last weekend kicked off with 6 Race events from Komen Columbus, Komen Montana, Komen Central New York, Komen Twin Tiers, Komen SW Michigan and Komen Italia!

    The Columbus Dispatch (here as well) spoke with participants at the Columbus Race, including breast cancer survivor Ron Coleman who is determined to raise greater awareness for male breast cancer.

    Komen Central New York saw more than 6,000 enthusiastic participants come out to support the cause. This year, Race day featured Pink Paddles where survivors could write their years of survivorship and display them proudly.

    Komen Montana participants shared how for many, running or walking was a celebration of life. Participants enjoyed the beautiful state capitol grounds, and after the Race, all of the survivors in attendance gathered on the capitol steps for the survivor ceremony.

    Sunday followed with the Komen Twin Tiers and Komen Southwest Michigan Races. The Komen Twin Tiers Race reported over 3,000 participants, trumping last year’s record participation of 2,800!

    In Kalamazoo, MI, supporters at the Komen Southwest Michigan Race enjoyed the warm weather and shared their inspiration to participate in the event, emphasizing the importance of the local funds.

     And last, but certainly not least, the 13th Komen Italia Race for the Cure in Rome was another huge success with over 50,000 participants! As a unique characteristic of this Race, Komen Italia hosted a “Health Village” where underserved women could receive free breast cancer screenings and sessions on breast health from volunteer medical professionals. Check out their video.

    We’d like to give a big “thank you!” to all of our participants, volunteers, sponsors and supporters around the globe. Your passion and support help us get even closer to ending breast cancer forever.

  • 2012 Susan G. Komen Research Grants Announced!

    We are excited to announce our 2012 research program that takes aim at early and late stage breast disease while seeking answers in early detection, cancer prevention, and socioeconomic issues that often make breast cancer outcomes worse in minority and medically under-served women!

    In 2012, we are funding $58 million in new research, augmenting the $685 million that we have invested in breast cancer research since 1982. This makes us the largest non-profit funder of breast cancer research outside of the U.S. government. Our 2012 research program includes 154 grants to researchers in 22 states and 7 countries. We currently fund more than 500 active research grants around the world.

    The 2012 grants cover the full “continuum of cancer care” including research into prevention, environmental issues, more sensitive screening, personalized treatments and factors that lead to worse breast cancer outcomes in minorities and special populations.

    A special focus this year is on making sure that all women get the right treatments from the outset. This might mean no treatment, or very limited interventions, for lesions that might never develop into cancer.  At the other end of the spectrum, we want new therapies that promise a full, high-quality life for women with advanced and metastatic disease.

    A complete list of our new peer-reviewed grants is available on our website here. The portfolio includes $8 million in new Komen Promise Grants, to researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Washington University, who will be investigating why some women are more likely to have a late recurrence of their breast cancers, and to seek new methods to treat women whose cancers recur.

    Our research program is funded by national fund-raising programs, partners, and by Susan G. Komen Affiliates who provide 25% of their locally raised funds to global research.

    We’re grateful for our partners and donors who make this research possible, and who understand and support all of our programs.

    You can learn more about the 2012 research grants program in the full press release located here.

  • Komen Race for the Cure: 14 Amazing Races

    The streets were filled with pink this past weekend as 14 Race for the Cure events brought passionate supporters out by the masses.

    Komen Memorial celebrated its 27th Race for the Cure during a beautiful Peoria morning. Eric Brinker, who attended the event, shared that the day was “inspiring and bold,” and that he was honored “to be part of something so remarkable.”

    About 27,000 participants sported their pink for the 20th Annual Komen Pittsburgh Race on Sunday. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that expressions of gratitude were common among the participants. Organizers felt the event went wonderfully despite the rain, and a particularly moving survivor parade reminded everyone why we continue to fight this disease.

    Komen Minnesota’s Race (here as well) was brimming with proud walkers celebrating survivorship and remembering those who lost their battles with breast cancer – women like Debbie Tavernier, whose husband and daughter  continued the family’s support for the important event after her death.

    Komen San Antonio Executive Director Niki Simpson shared that participants and volunteers were in great spirits on the beautiful Race day. Komen Utah also reported great local support at their Race.

    Komen Philadelphia’s Race (also featured here) had great community support as well, and organizers were optimistic that they could reach (and possibly surpass) their fundraising goal. Further demonstrating the importance of Affiliate funds, a local Philadelphia survivor shares with CBS the story of how the Affiliate’s funds helped pay for her treatment.

    Beautiful weather at the Komen Boise Race made the day even more special, bringing together more than 11,000 participants and 600 survivors. The first Komen New Hampshire Race was a huge success as well, surpassing both participation and fundraising goals.

    Komen Central Virginia was excited that registration really picked up in the last few days before the Race, and one of their key Race teams, The Network of Enterprising Women, brought in a total of over $30,000 in the days before the Race.

    The Sacramento Bee shares some fantastic photos from the recent Komen Sacramento Valley Race. A wonderful video compiled by KTVO captures the spirit of those in attendance at the 16th Annual Komen Southeast Iowa Race, featuring the gorgeous weather and various participants who were eager to share their stories.

    Sioux City was a sea of pink Sunday as nearly 3,000 people donned colorful boas, head scarves and leis for the 4th Annual Komen Siouxland Race.

    Komen Tyler and Komen Greater Atlanta celebrated wonderful Race days as well, raising awareness for how essential these funds really are in communities nationwide.

    Thank you so much to everyone who ran, walked, volunteered, cheered, watched, organized or anything else to support these events. The incredible weekend of Races was important for women and men across the country, bringing us one step closer to our mutual goal: ending breast cancer forever.

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Good morning!  I couldn’t let Mother’s Day go by without sending a special thank you to all the Moms, stepmoms and dads-doing-double-duty-as-moms on this very special day.

    Many people will spend today racing in honor of the mothers in their lives at Susan G. Komen Races around the country. Many will spend this Mothers Day, as I will, in quiet gratitude for mothers who have been touched by breast cancer, and who inspire us with their courage and grace every single day.

    It is a unique honor for all of us at Komen to wade into a sea of pink at our Races to celebrate with the many women surviving breast cancer today – surviving because our global community has rallied to this cause.  From a time when we couldn’t talk about breast cancer out loud, we today proudly wear the badge of “breast cancer survivor” in the pink tee-shirts you will see at a Komen Race.

    I promised my sister, a mother of two, that I would do everything in my power to end this disease so that no child would ever face a future without a mother, and so that no mother would ever have to worry about this disease, ever again.  That was 32 years ago.  Two years later, we would start Susan G. Komen for the Cure in her memory, determined to keep that promise.

    We have made tremendous strides in just three decades, thanks to our Komen community.  Death rates from breast cancer have declined by 33% in the last 21 years in the U.S.  5-year survival rates for early stage breast cancers are now 99%, versus 74% when we started our work in 1982.

    Every day, the scientists that we fund are seeking new ways to stop, reverse or prevent this disease, and I’m confident that we will one day, very soon, give all women the promise of a full life.

    In our communities, women, men and children band together to raise the funds that provide groceries, co-pays, access to cancer care, and the support and dignity that every cancer survivor deserves. We are deeply grateful that we are able to help hundreds of thousands of women, many without insurance, without money, and without support, every single year.

    Our race is not yet completely won.  Sadly, on this Mother’s Day, we will look around at our Races and see sons, daughters, grandchildren and so many others wearing race bibs that tell the all-too-tragic story of their lives – running “In Memory” of a cherished relative or friend whose life was ended, too soon, by this disease.  Each time I look out on one of our Races—especially on this day to honor mothers—I redouble my vow to create a world where no one has to run “In Memory,” ever again.

    That’s why I continue to fight, and why we will always fight, to find the cures, assuage the terror of a breast cancer diagnosis, and to give all women and men the outstretched hand of a community that understands what they are going through, and wants to help.

    From one mother to many others, thank you for making our work possible, and for providing the resources that will give us a world without breast cancer.  Hug the little ones today.  Hug your Mom.  And Happy Mother’s Day to all.