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Guest post from Catherine Oliveros, Regional Director of International, Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

Educating future and current medical providers, community health workers and patient navigators.On Friday, August 26th we announced in Monterrey, Mexico the 2011 Caterpillar grantees in the midst of sadness.  The afternoon before the city was victim  to an attack on a casino that resulted in the death of 52 people.   The incident was headline news and brought to Monterrey, President Calderon to show the city’s residents support and solidarity.  And yet, among the turmoil, we proudly announced and highlighted the two new projects that are focused on educating future and current medical providers, community health workers and patient navigators.

Fundación CIMAB partnering with Fundación Supera will promote breast health awareness in marginalized communities of the Monterrey metropolitan area (MMA), enable women to obtain breast cancer screening services and offer navigation services for women with abnormal screening tests.  The project has an awareness component through radio and television campaigns, however the project mainly aims to train community health promoters as multipliers of breast cancer awareness, and through the use of screening awareness workshops trained promoters will help schedule mammograms for participants not seen on the day of the health campaigns.  Patient navigation will be available to women in order to guarantee access to screening services, diagnosis, and admittance to a cancer institution for treatment in event of positive breast cancer diagnosis.

Worldwide Hope partnering with Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey will provide six training courses (20 hours total) for medical students about to enter their year of internship and post grad residents on information and standard practices of breast self awareness, diagnosis, treatment and follow up.  The training courses will be offered in collaboration with the School of Medicine (ITESM), which will award academic credits to the attendees, and with the Centro para el Cuidado de Mama (CCM), which will be responsible for conducting the courses.  The program will augment the mere four hours devoted to formal breast cancer education in pre-medical school and 10 hours in the residency program in Mexico.  How amazing that these providers will be trained on Komen’s Breast Self Awareness messaging and the importance of early detection and screening.  Additionally, the project aims to train 100 non-medical community health promoters throughout various communities in Monterrey on breast self awareness so they can train women in their own communities and help move them into action.

We are so proud of work happening in Latin America thanks to funds made available through the Caterpillar Foundation.  Our next stop – Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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