Dr. Kimberly Blackwell, Komen Scholar, Recognized as Pioneer in TIME’s 100 Most Influential People

We were delighted to see one of our Komen Scholars – Dr. Kimberly Blackwell of Duke University — named as one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People today.  We know Dr. Blackwell to be one of the top breast cancer researchers and clinicians in the country, dedicated to answering some of the toughest questions in breast cancer science: Why do some tumors spread and others don’t?  Why do some women develop resistance to therapies over time?  What new treatments can be developed to either prevent cancer from metastasizing, or stop it when it does?  Can we develop a vaccine against breast cancer?

Dr. Blackwell has been on the leading edge of science that can answer those questions. She’s credited with the development of lapatinib, a drug that targets HER1/HER2 breast cancer. She was the first investigator to study the drug in an animal model of tamoxifen resistance. And just last year, Dr. Blackwell unveiled practice-changing results from a clinical trial of T-DM1 (marketed as Kadcyla), a drug for metastatic HER2 breast cancer patients that extended lives while causing less serious side effects than the standard course of treatment.

It’s a special privilege to have Dr. Blackwell on Komen’s team as a Komen Scholar (a team of almost 70 researchers and advocates that helps to guide our research program).  We at Komen have been happy to help provide more than $500,000 to support her research.  And we’re humbled by the kind words she had to say today upon hearing of her TIME 100 nod.

“I share this recognition with Komen, knowing that every step forward is one that saves thousands of lives,” Dr. Blackwell said. “I have a keen interest in making a difference in breast cancer care, and having a personal contribution to finding a cure. I have spent my entire career thinking about how to improve treatment access to the patients that need them and will benefit from them.”

All of us at Susan G. Komen applaud Dr. Blackwell on this outstanding achievement and continue to support her important research.  Her career has been exciting to watch, and I am proud Susan G. Komen could be part of it.

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