LIVE Twitter Chat about Prevention with Co-host AACR Today!
Join AACR and Susan G. Komen’s Twitter Chat #BCPrevention – March 19 at 2:00 p.m. ET


Every day, we take steps to prevent unwanted events from happening. We wear seat belts to prevent getting hurt in a car accident and we brush our teeth to prevent cavities. We would like to ensure some events never happen. But, the best we can do is lower the risk that they will.

The same concept applies to breast cancer. Prevention, or “risk reduction,” mainly refers to lowering the risk of getting a disease rather than completely removing the risk. Learn more about prevention.

Today, March 19, let’s discuss breast cancer risk reduction, screening, and the latest in prevention research in our first-ever live Twitter chat. Our co-hosts this afternoon are our good friends at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), and the conversation will be lead via the AACR and Komen Twitter accounts by:

Dr. Christopher Li, MD PhD

Breast Cancer Epidemiologist
Fred Hutchison Cancer Center


Chandini Portteus
VP, Research, Evaluation and Scientific Programs
Susan G. Komen for the Cure


We want to hear your prevention-related questions! To join the fun, sign into Twitter; follow @KomenfortheCure and @AACR, and search for #BCPrevention. Make sure you include #BCPrevention when you tweet questions or comments for the chat.

What is a Twitter chat and how does it work? In a live chat, people use Twitter and a specific hashtag – in this case #BCPrevention – to discuss topics and ask questions around a specific subject.

If you want to ask a question or make a comment, you’ll need a Twitter account. Please sign up at twitter.com/signup to create a free account. If you don’t have an account, but would like to follow along, no problem! You can find us via search here: http://bit.ly/BCPrevention

What happens during a Twitter chat? At the event start time, go to twitter.com/search and type in the hashtag #BCPrevention. You’ll see a discussion thread of all tweets with that hashtag.

You can post questions or comments through your own Twitter account. Remember to include the hashtag #BCPrevention so that it shows up in the conversation. We will answer as many questions as we can, but may not be able to address all of them during this chat.

During this Twitter chat, we will not be able to answer questions about specific diagnosis or treatments. If you have general breast cancer or breast health questions, please contact our helpline at 1-877 GO KOMEN (1-877-465-6636).

Please discuss any conditions, treatment options, or medications with your doctor. If you have a medical emergency, seek immediate medical help or call 911. Please remember that all comments and questions are publicly available and accessible online. Before posting, consider how much personal information you would like to be viewable by others online.

Can’t participate, but have questions for Dr. Li and Chandini Portteus? Leave your questions in the comments on our official Facebook event page or tweet to us using #BCPrevention before the chat, and we will do our best to address them during the chat.

We hope to chat with you this afternoon!

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